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 In the flooring industry to chase fancy gimmicks, speculation speculation a variety of concepts, the Internet every day, gladdened, Hengyi is thinking: We are holding "Hengyi parquet flooring" this gold content of the full Signs of stability to live it? Or the brand bigger and stronger, the wisdom of Hengyi people continue to tap the dedication to the community?outdoor patio WPC fence

The answer is: Hengyi = innovation, Hengyi can only be innovative. Hengyi parquet flooring is a constant innovation in the field of solid wood composite innovation and another way, it can be said that the subdivision and optimization of wood composite category, but also wood flooring return decorative origin of the firm advocate.outdoor WPC floor

Hengyi in the eyes of innovation to the field of solid wood composite did not ignore the flooring market, the first major product - to strengthen the floor. Mr. Zhang Hongwu, general manager of Hengyi Flooring, was born in architectural design. He has 7 years of experience in R & D and marketing of flooring products. According to Zhang Hongwu, general manager of introduction: Laminate flooring industry is the first major category, and is still the future direction of the development of the floor.roof garden WPC flooring

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 Outdoor furniture, as the name suggests is the furniture on the outside of the room. A cool umbrella, a comfortable soft chair, a light little few, cook a cup of coffee,chaise patio furniture garden put a light music, and then prepare a beautiful poems, feeling the wind blowing in the face, a long afternoon will Shiran want to drunk comfortable romantic

The best you can also have a small courtyard. On a sunny day, on their own terrace or small garden, put on like outdoor furniture, watch flowers, tease birds, coffee table with chairs under or put on a straw hat rest; evening, invited a few friends to open an outdoor barbecue Party; Or just lying quietly, bathed in the sunset gentle caress ... ... outdoor furniture embodies the people to relax and LOHAS combination of new ideas, with the continuous extension of the modern living space, outdoor furniture in a second change and innovation , For people to return to nature provides more choices.

Experience outdoor home life, has also become a new home fashion. Intimate design brings intimate feelings, outdoor furniture design pay more attention to people's inner feelings,pool furniture clearance and more to streamline, arc, leaves and flowers and other modeling as the theme, gives the feeling of close to nature, gives the outdoor furniture a poem Like the beauty and temptation. Its design principles to meet the curve of the human body and its own material properties for the two benchmarks, the overall shape of the flu fluency and rhythm, so that the body and the soul can be a perfect fit, get the best sense of belonging.

Designers in a certain standard parameters on the basis of the technology will continue to improve with the development of innovation, and thus affect the performance of outdoor furniture and size, aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of the combination. Brilliant colors in the material light, plastic stackable chairs simple shape of the outdoor furniture which occupies absolute mainstream status, the use of this color to bring people healthy and lively experience. There are some special outdoor furniture self-contained, the use of aesthetic principles, the system of furniture in the modeling style, subject color, shape and other aspects of unity, and the formation of a unique style.

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 First, the package-style home to create standardized and personalized combination of package-style home is to allow consumers to different brands,aluminum foldable sun beach beddifferent colors to meet the demand, you can personalize the explosion models.

Traditional home due to brand, model and designer reasons , The uncertainty is very high, while the package-style selection of dozens of first-class model, lightweight folding chairs hiking relative to solve the problem of individuality and standardization.To the whole development, the overall value of the whole grade or go up to the consumer In the pursuit of the efficiency of the Internet home standardization, but also to take into account the individual needs of consumers.

Two, the integration of channels .Integrated channels, Strengthen the home building materials and home improvement company's cooperation. At present,small cafe table set ireland supplier many home building materials companies will cooperate with the home improvement company.From the home improvement style and the simplicity of decoration materials, cost savings, saving time and other aspects of the development of workers, home building materials companies and home improvement company's cooperation is certainly more and more close.

In the high-end customer base which the customer needs, and now inside the store is not high efficiency, many reasons is diversion of the use of channel integration capabilities to provide more cost-effective services, french cane chairs for sale and some flagship, featured BrandName cooperation is the future The formation of the "Internet + home electric home appliance industry chain + home improvement +" matrix layout. Internet is a means, through this means to improve our efficiency, reduce costs. Link manufacturers, upstream supply chain, B-side companies, service providers, improve efficiency. More attempts to explore the new home business development model.

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 Solid wood floor maintenance easy to fall into two errors: First, excessive maintenance, such as waxing, or repeated a day with a wet mop repeatedly mopping the floor; Second,Beautiful outdoor PVC fence decoration neglect maintenance, long time not clean, do not pay attention to ventilation, the situation is not timely Repair, such as drums after a long time without repair and so on. In fact, as long as the basic knowledge of the use of the floor, wooden floor maintenance is not trouble. In daily life attention to relevant details, you can bring to the floor of the "long-term stability." Solid wood flooring maintenance than to strengthen the floor is much simpler.

Clean the floor, we should pay attention to maintaining the floor dry, do not use a lot of water to wash, pay attention to avoid long-term local floor soaking. Clean the dirt when using neutral detergent treatment, avoid direct sunlight, rain, moisture and so on. In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation,Barefoot friendly wood plastic productsto maintain the indoor temperature is also conducive to extend the life of the floor. Solid wood flooring does not require paint and waxing, and solid wood flooring different, should not use sandpaper polishing. Do not rinse with plenty of water, and keep the floor dry and clean. Attention to prevent local temporary flooding floor. If the floor with grease and stains, it is necessary to pay attention to timely removal, you can use a soft neutral household detergent warm water for processing.

Do not use alkaline water, soapy water and other corrosive liquid contact with the floor surface, not to use gasoline and other combustible materials and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the floor. Avoid polishing with sandpaper. Because solid wood flooring is different from solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring does not need waxing and painting. The original appearance is relatively smooth, brightness is better, waxing hand,Waterproof Ecological Composite Wood Floor will draw snakes, self-defeating. Solid wood flooring wear level is also quite good, only in accordance with the first step I will be able to achieve the effect of temporary maintenance. In order to bring into the dust particles, it is recommended to place at the entrance of the pedal rub mat. Damage to the floor; overweight items should be smooth put; do not drag when moving furniture to lift is appropriate. Stains and grease on the floor surface Clean with a household cleaner. Do not use large amounts of water to clean the floor.

The floor surface in case of stains, generally do not drip with the tide can be wiped. If stained with chocolate, oil, fruit juice, beverages, etc., simply wipe with warm water and neutral detergent can be. If you are lipstick, crayons, ink and other pollution, can be used to gently wipe methanol or acetone. Solid wood flooring floors are often need to dust, usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust,Why do we have to install outdoor fence often trampled places to be more diligent in dust. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance hall and the aisle leading to the outside. Also in order to prevent dust from entering the house, can be placed in the entry dust mat, or in the door at the bottom of the installation of dust.

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 Whether it is in the family or in the office or even in the commercial area, people tread at the foot of the tile floor is not wood flooring,Waterproof, corrosion resistant Swimming pool deck cement floor has been almost rare. In the initial renovation of the room when many people will be good in the wood floor or a good tangle of tangle. Xiaobian special interview with the decoration of the industry for many years the industry staff, ask them to their own experience to give you some suggestions.

First look at tile flooring, ceramic tile is a high-temperature processing with earth material plus a certain amount of glaze firing. Made of high-tech ceramic tile can be waterproof,High Performance Composite outdoor decking anti-oil, fire, moisture and also can play a role in landscaping. Using tiles to make the floor to take care of it easier, what is not clean place to get a wipe on the water can be, and the tile with cement paste to the floor on it, will not produce any harmful gases, there will not be any special needs Note that the tiles now do a good job planning technology is also good, so the tile is very easy to use. Decoration, as long as the choice of style and decoration in line with the color or pattern on it.

In addition to peace of mind and features more tiles, the price is not expensive, a variety of low profile are, and the choice of space is relatively large, you can use a variety of colors and shapes of the tiles to make the room more vivid. What are the benefits of wood flooring it? Many people like to walk at home barefoot, that wooden floor is a good choice, it will not produce as cold as the feeling of the tile, will make the foot more comfortable, anticorrosive and easy to clean diy floor even lying on top, sitting on it will not have any discomfort a feeling of. The use of wood flooring so that the friction between the shoes and wood to reduce, and wood material does not sound, even in the upstairs have any big moves, downstairs people will not feel strong, you can cut off the sound, so that room to live Up more calm, let a person's mood more relaxed.

The use of wood flooring in the winter will feel its heat more evenly, so that the temperature of the room are unified. In the installation of wood flooring is also more convenient when,Long life, don‘t fade wpc fence effort, customers can save some labor costs. But the high-end wooden floor price is not cheap, but also need to spend time to take care of. Whether in the end is the wood floor or tile, are different, therefore, in the end a good wood floor or tile, also need to see how to choose their own, in particular, choose which of the two flooring material, it needs to see the consumer's own The actual situation, ah!

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 What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring? Our future in the maintenance of solid wood flooring What is the need to pay attention to it? Here we come together to look at the specific bar ~ Solid wood flooring advantages and disadvantages, adjust the indoor humidity. Indoor air humidity conditions to mediate,Non-slip balcony flooring if the indoor climate is too dry, the solid wood flooring can release a certain amount of water from the inside; the contrary, if the indoor humidity is too large, then the solid wood floor will absorb moisture in the air.

Although the floor, but in certain circumstances can also serve as the role of air conditioners, which is the biggest feature of solid wood flooring. Cool, solid wood thermal conductivity is small,low price wpc decking so the insulation effect is very good, no matter any time of the four seasons, solid wood flooring gives a very comfortable feeling, neither cold nor very hot, to the real winter Warm summer cool effect. Healthy, solid wood flooring texture clear, fragrant smell, can make us feel relaxed, such as teak more valuable timber can also regulate the nervous system, play a role in refreshing Xingnao.

And solid wood can adjust the indoor humidity, so you can effectively prevent and prevent rheumatism and so on. Decorative good, whether it is noble and elegant black walnut,UV resistant balcony raliing ash wood fresh and elegant or oak fashion stable, solid wood flooring can create the perfect decoration for you, different styles of decoration with different materials, solid wood flooring, to the Your high quality of life.

Hard to maintain, solid wood flooring not only for the pavement requirements for the daily maintenance of higher requirements, in order to extend the life of solid wood flooring, the best waxing twice a year, and is strictly prohibited in the sun exposure or blisters. Solid wood flooring is slightly more expensive,Eco friendly garden decking but there are many kinds of solid wood flooring material, we can choose according to their economic situation, if you want to compare the economy can choose to birch flooring, the price is relatively low, If the pursuit of high taste can choose teak flooring.

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 In fact, since the beginning of this year, wood flooring prices soaring all the way. April the implementation of the new consumption tax, so that the general price of 10% of solid wood flooring; and into the second half, soaring prices of raw materials, wood flooring since October up to 20% outdoor flooring

Solid wood flooring prices directly affect the home decoration budget. One consumer, said the soaring prices have been forced to compress the decoration budget of many consumers, while the solid wood flooring prices rose, the original hard-pressed renovation program is more difficult.Decking Composite Material per Sq Foot

The public last month fancy a heavy ants wood, did not want this floor a month rose by 30 yuan per square meter, he complained that just compressed the decoration budget has changed. Faced with the rising trend of the floor, industry experts suggest that purchasing power of the public can be weak as soon as possible decoration, or give up solid wood flooring, the choice of affordable floor compound.add backrest to existing bench

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 Concerned "China Quality Miles" will focus on the field and unannounced visits to the home building materials services. With the rapid growth of China's home, the field of products and services are also emerging. At the end of November, just after the unannounced visits to Tianjin, "China Quality Miles" survey report published in the home building materials industry, the results of the visit and related recommendations were visited Shengxiang floor, macro-resistant floor, Fillinger floor, Shun floor, Ruijia floor, Del floor, floor of the blessing of the eight wooden floor stores, with a pass rate of 71%.Environmentally friendly WPC pergola

One service management practices, complaints telephone publicity significantly, complaints handling mechanism is sound, a higher degree of open information, detailed service is more prominent Ruijia floor. Li Jingkai, director of investigation and supervision department of China Quality Promotion Association, pointed out that the overall quality of service in the building materials industry is low, and there is a big gap with mature industries such as telecommunications and automobiles, mainly reflected in the service standards, service details, professional methods. The lack of.Pontoon Boat Decking

China National Forest Products Industry Association, Deputy Secretary-General of the floor board also called the floor, the floor is semi-finished products, should be one-third of products, seven services, the importance of service issues, the industry needs to guide enterprises need to think. China Consumers Association on the wooden floor complaints statistics show that all complaints on the wooden floor, only 20% of the wood floor itself is caused by the quality problems, and 70% are related to a variety of missing services.Environmentally friendly wood-plastic fence

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 Better flooring manufacturers use the glue is marked the factory dedicated, the quality is better, the damage to the human body is relatively small. After a period of ventilation and no problem of volatilization. Of course, in the purchase there is a very important thing is to ask for products from the dealer test reports, such as the number of wear-resistant reports, surrounded by the amount of benzene volatiles test reports, and strive to buy a good product, so that their satisfaction rest assured.Park WPC Flower Box

I believe that the installation of the composite floor is a strange thing we all. After the floor to the home (usually put some margin, and finally according to the actual use of more money back less money), the installation of the master on the door. I do not know what the details of the installation of someone else's home, but my family good luck, sent a master of the best technology, I think he loaded very well, very seriously responsible. Master first check the ground condition, with a hammer knocked to the convex, especially after the burying pipe cement did not smooth the place.WPC outdoor wall panels

But do not expect him to give you ground handling, this is not his job. Then the master with a small saw to the door below the sawtooth some, leaving the thickness of the composite floor. Then began to shop moisture pad and bedding treasure, very simple, these two things are very easy to cut, they paved the ground, the edge of the excess part of the cut with a utility knife on it. The next piece of flooring, the first piece of the board is certainly a corner of the room, and the second block is certainly not a whole board, must be the whole board sawn, so that the adjacent two parallel board terminals diverge.courtyard PVC fence

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 January 10, 2006, ITC ruling the world's 38 companies accused (including China's 18 first-line brand enterprises, including) in the US sales of composite wood flooring (also known as laminate flooring) patent infringement. This event to the Chinese enterprises to strengthen the floor alarm sounded, no or extreme lack of independent intellectual property rights will become the bottleneck restricting the growth of Chinese enterprises and internationalization.outdoor patio flooring

The face of many foreign brands of foreign impact, and the phenomenon of cohabitation of the domestic market, Dulwich to the spirit of technological innovation, a record of up to eight key patented technology, from the little-known leap into a number of big not too small Looked at the opponent. Several of these key technologies, to China's flooring industry has brought revolution again and again.backyard flooring

It is reported that Jiangsu "Green King Wood Co., Ltd. Changzhou City" and five other allegedly infringing enterprises are also "Dulwich" company to court. Dulwich company asked the six floor manufacturers to immediately stop the infringement of their patent rights, and to each of the defendants claim 1 million yuan, a total of 6 million yuan in huge claims. To this end, Dulwich company has set up a rights office, established throughout the country's anti-counterfeiting lawyers, and resort to judicial means to protect patent rights, there are already suspected of infringing Dewey companies that reconciliation.outdoor composite decking

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 Market structure - four who can win the enhanced, solid wood, wood composite, bamboo flooring, semi-finals hegemony is a foregone conclusion. Who can win? And the capacity of the newspaper one by one review. Strengthen the wood flooring as a new environmentally friendly building materials, building materials in the market competition has shown unparalleled competitive advantage, so the laminate flooring consumer market will be further expanded, will be large and medium cities gradually into small cities, until the township, To meet the needs of the vast number of consumers at different levels.Easy to clean teak boat decking

Solid wood flooring industry will steadily to the aristocratic, brand. In 2007, the user of the wooden floor of the quality requirements will be higher, due to consumer awareness of the solid wood flooring market is getting higher and higher, the brand has become the first element of consumers to buy solid wood flooring, high-grade craft flooring, antique Flooring and sauna flooring and other diversified solid wood flooring will enter more families.Eco-friendly garden WPC pergola

Solid wood flooring will be diversified and rapid development. With the shortage of timber resources, consumer demand for solid wood flooring and higher demand, and the continuous emergence of advanced manufacturing technology, wood flooring this category of prominent advantages quickly in the production and consumption areas are recognized. Its development and technological change at an alarming rate, become the focus of attention of the industry. Solid wood flooring products diversification, personalized features obvious.High-quality outdoor WPC flooring

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 China's bamboo resource area and output are ranked first in the world, not only for China's emerging bamboo flooring industry provides a broad space for development, but also to the farmers brought wealth of business opportunities.100% recycled green building waterproof hollow outdoor wpc decking

It is understood that 90% of the world's bamboo resources are distributed in China, therefore, bamboo flooring is currently almost China's unique products. Although the industry has just started, but the development is very rapid, the current annual production has reached more than 3000 million square meters, its production and sales accounted for China's total sales of wood flooring about 10%, of which 60% of exports. Experts believe that the wood floor can be manufactured all over the world, but the bamboo flooring is difficult to compete with other countries, and China's rich bamboo resources also provide a broad space for development, but also to the farmers brought rich business opportunities. At present, an acre of bamboo about 500 yuan per year for the farmers to bring about income.modern vertical synthetic fence

Zhang Linlin, president of China Forest Products Industry Association, said: "It is fast growing bamboo, it is not long for six years, it is not long, nine years not cut it died, and rational use of bamboo resources but to promote the cultivation, The farmer will make it. "composite tongue groove non fading floor

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 " 'Green substrate' and 'green' is simply two different concepts." Power Dekor 4S Service Center, Mr. Zheng, director of sales told reporters. According to reports, the "green substrate" from the introduction of an overseas technology, that is, in the production process of composite flooring, the substrate in the anti-moisture factor added to improve the anti-moisture properties of the floor. "To facilitate the identification of consumers, will add a moisture-proof factor composite flooring substrate, dyed green, followed by competing companies to follow suit and wanton misinterpretation, deliberately this 'green' confused into his 'Green', which also makes worth steeply, at least per square meter more than ordinary composite floor on your 10-20 yuan. "Mr Cheng said.environmentally friendly flooring

"This green non-he green." Chengdu Interior Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Lin said that the real "green substrate" to strengthen the moisture-proof performance, can adapt to more complex climate, but also can withstand the timely processing of accidental flooding, But can not be soaked in water, "moisture" is not "waterproof"; "green substrate" green only added anti-moisture factor, without any other special meaning, not to say that the more green the more waterproof colors, the more Environmental protection, on the contrary, if the improper added dyes, then, but harmful. Green flooring refers to those who meet the national compulsory E1 standard, access to national environmental labeling certification and the national standard ISO14001 certified enterprise products.vinyl fence

At present, in addition to using the "green substrate" posing as "green", there are some certification difficult to cross the border enterprises, to their products marked "E0" logo, claiming to be "zero formaldehyde", "more environmentally friendly than green." In fact, at present only Finland and Japan to implement EO standards, but it is impossible to achieve "zero formaldehyde." E0 standard refers to formaldehyde content ≤ 0.5 mg / l. E1 standard in China can be called the "green" floor. "In the purchase of the floor, we can not just look at the environmental index, the wear resistance is also an indicator of the quality of measurement.DIY deck

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 "Solid wood", "MDF", "green decoration" ... ... in the face of all kinds of home decoration in the name, consumers are often puzzled, in the end what products is the real trust of green products? Recently, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association announced that starting next week will be officially launched the top 100 brands of environmental protection industry in Shanghai and the green energy-saving technology shortage of the annual selection, in April next year, "push the excellent" selected enterprises will be affixed to a green label - - "Shanghai, China green energy-saving environmental protection signs."Corrosion-resistant PVC fence

Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association executive vice president Zheng Huaxing told reporters that the current market advertising products, different levels of the name of "green" banner, and even some products played the so-called "second-generation green" name, let Environmental experts are also puzzled.Inexpensive PVC fence

This can be involved in the selection of the scope of the building involved in environmental engineering, real estate projects, decoration materials, interior governance purification, furniture, soft equipment, energy-saving smart solar energy and related technology products. Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association and the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Industry Research Institute, Shanghai Green Building Council and other environmental protection industry, the authority of experts will serve as the selection of the review. To end next year in April after the selection, will launch a "green energy-saving signs in Shanghai, China", used in these selected products.PVC villa group fence

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 Therefore, Dewey also named its "super-solid wood flooring." After five years of market testing, the technology will not only strengthen the wooden floor edge of the most vulnerable to protection, more effective solution to the edge easy to wear, easy bruising, not wear and so affect the old problem of strengthening the life of the floor. Dewey floor of the technical innovation to solve the widespread wear problems, which also won the national invention patent.Seaside practical commercial floor

Technology to a small step to extend the life of more than Dewei floor, Mr. Ge Yuejin, chairman of the patent in the introduction of his mind, said, in fact, each item has its fragile, like a shirt collar, purse corners, etc. And so on, and sometimes often do not wear clothes before the first wear. The floor is no exception, it also has Achilles heel.Durable high corrosion Wood Decking

Strengthen the floor with a long time, the mosaic will appear more or less white grinding phenomenon, very beautiful, so he began to figure out how to avoid these problems? So he came up with the corner of the floor to hide the way the edge, so that the edge of the sink. As Armstrong took a small step on the moon and a big step forward in the same human, Dulwich to the life of the floor more than doubled the technology came out in the industry caused a sensation, and almost overnight by many companies Surface & quot; clone & quot ;.Environmental wood floor

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 Nature of the floor by the technical experts devote themselves to six years from the development of the activity of ecological paint, the recent shock listed. Active ecological paint a comprehensive solution to the floor of the five major technical problems, the top six unique production process, created the Chinese flooring industry's seventh technological revolution. Nature flooring once again led the Chinese flooring industry among the world's top new technology. Over the years, the nature of natural science and technology to uphold the concept of research and development, focus on the development of new products for human health, in the development of active ecological paint on a historic breakthrough.Wpc Outdoor Wall Panel

Active ecological paint belongs to the nature floor proprietary products, it broke through the traditional wooden floor function bottlenecks, all-weather continued release of negative ions to improve indoor air quality, in the normal state can sterilization, mildew. At the same time active ecological paint unique 360-degree purification function, the air of formaldehyde, radon, benzene and other decomposition into carbon dioxide and water to solve the problem of home environmental protection. Wear resistance in the product also has a prominent advantage, because the activity of ecological paint attached to a unique wear-resistant ions, so that more wear-resistant coating layer of physical resistance, a substantial increase in floor wear resistance.patio PVC fence

During the research and development of active ecological paint, the research and development center of nature flooring technology also carried on the continuous experiment and innovation in the processing technology, and finally succeeded in forming the world's first nine-fold interactive infiltration technology and six-sided ecological lacquer technology. In the process of active eco-paint products, the nature of the floor with nine interactive infiltration technology, so that the active ecological material, wear-resistant ions and materials inherent elements of integration, with superior paint adhesion. In particular, the first six-sided ecological paint technology, so that the diamond-like finish with high-quality transparency, can fully restore the true natural wood flooring color, highlighting the natural color wood species.WPC park fence

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 City to buy a computer or a laptop computer city, this is a very narrow specialty, but consumers very seriously, to really value and characteristics, or have a very clear position, I bought the best in the world's most expensive floor, regardless of What floor, to go on to the Yu-sum, it can be successful. Liu should reflect the core competitiveness and overall store.noble wood plastic composite recycling

Thank Peng noticed a thinning in the middle of market opportunities, customers give the home building originally had a direction that is not so professional it, but as a brand is actually home, I actually do next location, it may be better. Actually in the door or go through the way people are actually opening a shop floor, the second floor is actually part of the contract, and by him to do, he actually made an alliance with, actually thirty or forty retained by him to the floor brand operation and advocacy. If you slowly bigger, would choose such a professional channels.building a composite bench

Certainly, because he is so important that you had to choose, it is forced. The problem I think is really difficult question to answer, just like Peng said, we select one channel that does not sound good is a need or is necessary or forced, for this form of several years ago, China was engaged in, are failed, the reason for the failure is that the core competitiveness. . For example, I macro-resistant flooring in your market I bought the macro-resistant, it can be cheaper to buy Krono, impossible, because both bought over, do not buy it. This complementarity is difficult to scale advantages manifested. The core demands, must grasp. I just wondered why I went there you go, be sure to give me a reason why I entered the supermarket on the ground particularly, B & Q Why go now particularly want to go, because I felt particularly bad, but I must go, because he oppress me go. Why do we have to be actually, that is our fundamental, we have to do the marketing, what to do, there must be a window, from my perspective, really hope you can do it, one day we have more choices, so for us, not to the city by building materials, supermarket air splint.manufacture process of plastic window frames north america

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 Speaking of cooperation between Taiwan and Hunan, He Tongxin fluently read a set of data: from January to September this year, Hunan newly approved 83 Taiwan-funded projects, to the end of September, the province has approved Taiwan-funded projects 1619, the contract funds raised 20.93 Taiwan billion and actual investment from Taiwan $ 1.646 billion; Hunan Taiwan's total trade was $ 140 million, an increase of 51.3%.balcony flooring

Then, He came with a new sentence: "also with the beauty of Taiwan to Hunan Shuainan they say, is rich in bamboo Hunan, China's Taiwan businessmen to process bamboo products Hunan lot of people, products are sold in Germany, France, Britain Japan and other countries If you and your friends get married to decorate the house, please buy bamboo flooring Hunan "Hunan advantage of each channel to a reporter asked:."! If you are here carries the entrepreneurial dream, Taiwanese investment enthusiasm, what would you use way to convince them, the passion, the money in Hunan? "park bench

He Tongxin listed six major advantage Hunan: good location, abundant resources, low investment cost, demand huge potential market advantage and technological advantages of education personnel, cultural attractions. "The same project in Hunan overall cost is lower than elsewhere 1/3; Hunan pursuit of the trend, fashion ahead of consumer attitudes, investment in Hunan, Zhejiang three consecutive years doubled ......" He's the same with a series of new case for the investment advantages of Hunan do the best example.porch flooring

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 EU Code of the floor, "fake imports" event, allow consumers to identify the floor "foreign" to produce headache feeling. In fact, the real import of the floor not only brand registered in foreign countries, foreign production are completed, such a product of international and domestic markets synchronize sales, the manufacturers of quality products to provide protection.outdoor flooring

Specifically buy "foreign" floor, the need to achieve "five to see." A look at the packaging. If it is on imported products, product packaging must be marked in Chinese factory name, factory address, Chinese brand name products, those rough packaging, printing fuzzy, no manufacturer's name, address no production, only the sales agent's address or phone number "import floor," is likely to be fakes. Second, look at signs. European imports flooring, product brochures and packaging boxes must have all kinds of signs, such as the European laminate flooring production association logo, the highest European environmental standards Blue Angel certification mark, the highest quality German laminate flooring such as certification marks, usually in the original packaging back or side as well as tax, customs single quality certificate.wood plastic flooring

Third, look at the size. Floor length dimension is generally imported from Europe in 1285-1380 mm, while the MDF substrate domestic floor 1220 mm × 2440 mm, determines its length is only 1210 mm, thickness 8.3 mm, the back smooth. Although domestic manufacturers can produce long dimension of the floor, but a few. Four to see the bar code. Barcoding floor on the packaging, the German production of 400-440 for the top three floors encoding, China produced the top three floors of 690 coding. Five seen - factory date. If you can see from the date of the acquisition date less than three months, this can not be imported products, because of shipping transport, import declaration, etc. Formalities to spend at least three months.Wood plastic deck tiles

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 SITA floor strong advance in Hunan, which is a major event in Hunan flooring industry. In fact, before SITA complete the layout, as the business model of domestic forest products industry, Shengda flooring quality and brand in the international community has long been recognized, until now, have been sold in more than 70 countries.Park Flooring

It is reported that as early as 1997, on the floor or up to high-quality products and improve its services, to become the world's system suppliers Flooring Association and the Chinese brand-name export products business. From 1998 up to the first floor to the United States rose in 2006, only eight years time, or up on the floor with irresistible force into five continents over 70 countries, including 22 European countries, Germany, Italy, including; including the United States, Canada 12 American States; Oceania three countries, nine countries in Africa and Asia, including 28 countries. SITA Group chairman Jiang Changzheng told reporters, SITA company as China's forest products industry business model, when you create a vision of the world on to analyze industry trends, to develop a comprehensive strategy of international development, with its excellent quality, at overseas market competition stand out, until now, foreign agents specialized in the field will be completed erect brand, especially note the name of products offered by China Shengda decking

SITA floor after years of foreign brand marketing strategy, is now in a strong position at home and abroad has been highlighted. Germany, Denmark, Norway and other countries, can be described as laminate flooring pedigree, but over the years a large number of imports of laminate flooring from SITA company, brand and quality means Shengda flooring has been recognized internationally. 8 and 74 years to win the country's performance, so SITA floor created a miracle in China's national industry. It is in this context, the end of 2006, Hunan SITA Group fully advance the move raised eyebrows, held in Wanjiali Square "SITA floor three stores Celebration, 12.88 yuan / square meter floor buying" campaign SITA Group and chairman Jiang Changzheng held for sale Cheap signature board activities at the event will also allow highly anticipated Hunan flooring industry.outdoor patio flooring

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