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 In building materials exhibition hall no. 3 floor, the three layer compound floor accounted for almost half of the entire stadium, and the number of real wood floor has obviously decreased. "We are now pushing three layers of the original wood floor," general manager Huang Anjie said hangzhou iconography wood industry co., LTD.

From late last year to early this year, real wood floor rose by 20 to 50 yuan of every square metre, the big, fast increase, not only for consumers by surprise, a lot of flooring manufacturers are under strain. "From the point of the present situation,

the price of real wood floor will have to rise," European woodland plank-if He Hai general manager said, "some southeast Asian countries supply of timber has been very limited, only 1/10 less than before, this year's supply sourcing from Africa and the americas and other places, and faced with the pressure of the international crude oil prices."

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