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 It is one of the largest professional floor manufacturers in China. It is the first flooring company to acquire China **** and one of the four brands with the title of "China Top Brand Product" in the flooring industry. One of the first batch of national MSPs ,bench wood plans

China's first floor laminate flooring up and down the assembly line, bamboo flooring sales of similar products in the country first, laminate flooring sales of similar products in the country second, parquet sales nationwide similar products third ...... 1200 square meters.Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Wholesale in UK

The first flagship store on the floor is located at Fuson America Home. In 2007, the first flagship store was upgraded to a comprehensive upgrade. The new showroom re-loaded with elegant style, beautiful environment, novel layout, rich products, easy to purchase,Wpc Tiles Stores

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