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 Whirlpool floor with their own practical action to the consumer to pay a satisfactory answer. Whirlpool Kunming "51" boss signed to buy the floor row "long" The 51 major promotional activities have made great success in the following aspects: First, the company headquarters of the correct decision-making and guidance,outdoor wpc floor furniture makers

in the early activities, headquarters Leaders personally to the frontline sales market to do the full pre-market research inspection, the background of the market and the development of the form has a meticulous grasp and understanding of the situation from the actual situation to develop a system plan and program.outdoor deck for sale

For the latter part of the work specified a clear direction. Second, the Whirlpool marketing (management) center of the positive response and strong cooperation with the implementation of the policy ultimately depends on the implementation of the terminal market,make a wet bar for a deck

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