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 if you buy such a macro-resistant high-quality floor, in fact spread to every day cheaper. [Focus home network] I would like to ask, macro resistant raw materials are derived from where? [Li Wei] Our main raw materials in the domestic production, there are some imported from Germany,installation white gothic picket vinyl fence panel

there are some American. Now we are gradually in the localization, can reduce costs, consumers can benefit from it. [Focus home network] Do you think the domestic floor and abroad to enhance the floor, what is the difference? Or what gaps? [Li Wei] I think the strengthening of the floor in foreign development for more than 20 years,wpc outdoor decking discount

China has a decade of history, from the hardware, we and foreign no gap. In particular, some large enterprises with the equipment are the world's most advanced equipment, raw materials are also used almost no difference between the basic quality. I think the most important gap or in the enterprise management and philosophy,diy patio roofing option

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