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 exposed white and other injuries, seriously affect the appearance, so that consumers have to repair the floor, Cover and other "second decoration", or even all the updated floor, virtually increased a lot of costs. Easy to wear on the edge is the common performance of all everyday items.density wood plastic composite flooring

Such as clothes cuffs and collar, tables and chairs of the side, the corner of the bag, etc., can not be used, the use of long, the edge will be part of the wear and tear. Work and then the exact floor of the floor there are patchwork, as if the same two books together,outdoor deck for sale

although the naked eye can not be observed, but the touch will have a sense of smooth, this subtle edge has become the floor of the "door" , Bear more frequent than the middle part of the wear and tear, a long time, the floor of the side seam will be wear,idea for replace deck flooring

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