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 Because CCTV has never rated any brand list. However, in some markets, known as their own brand CCTV CCTV list brand, really a lot. Hangzhou, the largest new building materials wholesale market, March 28, 2007, the reporter in the new era of the second floor of the Decoration Plaza, the floor area found that many shops are selling wood flooring Store.tongue and groove composite decking canada

prominently placed CCTV CCTV list of brand bronze plaque. On the list of brands, dealers have nose with eyes. Green home floor dealer: solid wood flooring we are the list of brands. Reporter: is the CCTV list of the brand? Green home floor dealers: Central, Central Taiwan, CCTV is the central station.wpc outdoor decking discount

The dealer vowed to claim that he is really on the list of brands, but also said that a fake 10, really dumbfounding. So, the so-called list of the brand is how a list of it? Reporter: What is the meaning of the list of brands ah? Green home floor dealer: is the quality of the prison, there are documents Well Well.exterior wood facing panel

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