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 the contract and Chongqing new contract is basically the same, so the current will not change. "But if consumers demand a new normative contract, we will meet customer requirements." There are also some home improvement company in an interview with reporters that will begin to implement a new contract model.wood fiber composite plastic floor

"Today I have informed the departments of the implementation of the new contract model, and it is estimated that within a few days you will be able to sign a new home improvement contract with new customers," said Cao Xiaofeng, general manager of B & Q decoration company.Spring 2011 Tianjin brand home improvement section March 31 National Exhibition Center opening spring is lively,garden decking wholesale

spring is fanatical, spring is wanton growth, spring is young and strong. Spring is full of people's hard shadow, with both hands to build their own beautiful home, with color to decorate their favorite hut. No spring of the colorful, where the autumn fruitful? For our decoration the most fashionable, for our decoration the most effort,garden wood tiles for sale

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