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 Integration of the entire building materials and related industrial chain, to change the traditional business scattered, the pattern of their own to scale advantages, creating industry thriving city, build home building materials industry super aircraft carrier. After the completion of the Guorui Building Materials Home Expo Center to operate the main building materials,does timbertech composite decking cost per foot?

integration of the relevant industrial chain, supporting the functions of the shopping center services. This is not only to the eastern Guangdong region building materials brands, businesses provide a good business stage. But also brought a new opportunity. The location of the center is geographically superior,villa garden deck

the economic radiation is strong, the traffic is very convenient, for the Shantou New East economic belt with the bridgehead. With the construction of Shantou to the east of the background, you can see Guorui Building Materials Home Expo Center will be the future purchasing power of Shantou strongest, the most extensive radiation,exterior plywood decking high quality

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