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 some poor quality of the floor will be a face to face deceive consumers. Experts pointed out that the purchase should not only pay attention to the appearance of the product, but also to pay attention to the inherent quality of the floor, such as the floor of the formaldehyde emission, surface wear coefficient and so must meet the national standard.iron or wood plastic balusters suppliers in china

In addition, the floor of the machining accuracy is also a point can not be ignored: the same type of floor specifications size long, wide and thick is accurate, the floor of the tenon stitching is tight, smooth. You can spot a number of flooring, in the flattened table or ground to assemble, observe the degree of integration of elasticity,deck and fence

and touch the surface is simple to measure. The natural effect of the surface layer of wood is also a must pay attention to a problem. In addition, for the wood floor in terms of perfect after-sales service is also very important, well-known brands in the after-sales service has a good protection. The first time in 2006, the whole floor industry,36 plastic garden picket fence panels

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