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 He recalled that as early as 1989, the output value of Kangfa furniture has exceeded 100 million yuan, when the brand is quite famous in the country, the furniture industry in Yunnan is also among the best in the country. But today, due to long-term unreasonable, the annual output value of local furniture only slowly increased to 800 million yuan,outdoor deck modular seating review

less than the coastal furniture province of a business, in the domestic ranking is reduced to countdown. There are several major domestic furniture industry base: Guangdong and other southern China, Hebei and other North China, Shanghai and Zhejiang and other East China, and Chengdu and other southwestern wpc floor

Yunnan furniture industry has been in the territory of the domestic furniture giants tend to marginalize. Poor 2.5 billion yuan annual output value of Yunnan billion US Furniture Co., Ltd. Chairman Liang Ziyu Chengdu and Kunming, the two furniture industry were compared: Chengdu furniture production enterprises more than a thousand,soft garden flooring

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