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 "Sunzi Bingfa" broad and profound, Bayer adhering to its wise strategic and tactical guiding ideology, throughout its business behavior has always been. We have reason to believe that: in the new century, unpredictable sea of ​​war, Bayer will be indomitable, without any adverse. Winter flooring problems need to install more professional team Recently,simple and modern wooden floor and doors desings

Nanjing Liu home after the installation of the floor found serious problems, color, rugged, the gap caused by large can not stay. Mr. Liu bought more than five hundred square meters of the floor, after installation but found a serious problem, the two rooms using the same floor after the installation of the effect is two colors,cheap wpc floor

the wall between the floor actually have the key to move the gap, People incredible is the floor is actually obvious high and low. Mr. Liu complained about the relevant departments on the matter. Flooring business also expressed their views on the matter, claiming that the intention to leave the gap in the installation,outdoor plastic wood porch roof deck

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