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V Belt Supply Corporation of standard and custom timing belts for a variety of applications. Offering substrates that include rubber and polyurethane, with a wide range of modifications and cover options available.

A belt is a loop of flexible material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically, most often parallel. Belts may be used as a source of motion, to transmit power efficiently, or to track relative movement. Belts are looped over pulleys and may have a twist between the pulleys, and the shafts need not be parallel. In a two pulley system, the belt can either drive the pulleys normally in one direction (the same if on parallel shafts), or the belt may be crossed, so that the direction of the driven shaft is reversed (the opposite direction to the driver if on parallel shafts). As a source of motion, a conveyor belt is one application where the belt is adapted to carry a load continuously between two points. offers a wide variety of CVT belts and synchronous belts for everything ranging from full size street scooters all the way down to mini gas and electric scooters. We have scooter belts for 150cc GY6 scooters, 50cc QMB139 or GY6 50 scooters, 50cc/90cc Minarelli Scooters, 250cc full size scooters and many other makes and models. If you have a Gurinai or any other Chinese scooter we probably have the Timing Belt Company you are looking for.

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