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Belt driven systems are the cheapest means of transmission of power between shafts that are not axially aligned. The demand for a belt driven system are as large as they run smoothly with no need for lubrication and minimal maintenance. They are relatively of low cost and protect the machines from being jammed or overloaded. There are different kinds of belts that are used in a belt driven system, including Vbelt Supply, round belts, flat bets, timing belts to name a few.

V belts are the main type of belt for transmission of power in a belt driven system. It is usually a belt with flat bottoms and tapered sides often used together to increase carrying power. The advantage of using multiple these belts are that it can transmit large power with convenient application on the machine. They have been created to solve slippage and alignment problems in machines. They can be operated in any kind of direction and can be easily installed and removed in machine. A belt driven system using such devices provides compactness mainly due to the small distance between the pulleys and centers. It provides a good combination of speed of movement, traction and quality service life up to 3 to 5 years. These kinds of belts can be found in rubber or polymer material throughout, but the fibers that are embedded of textile materials like cotton and polyester provide the greatest strength. They require larger pulleys as they are broader and thicker than the usual flat belts. Since these kinds of devices are designed to be endless, there is joint trouble, therefore, delivering a smooth drive. They remarkably transmit more power as compared to flat belts without any kind of slip. But it cannot be used with large center distances because of its thickness and length and they are not as durable as flat belts used in a belt driven system.

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