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More commonly known as a "fan belt," a V Belt Global Supply is the rubber belt that drives such things as the alternator, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump and waterpump. It's called a V-beltbecause of its "V" shaped cross-section.
The sides of the belt are what grip thepulleys. Some belts have notches in them to increase grip, to help cool the belt and to relieve stress as the belt bends around small diameter pulleys. Some vehicles use a single flat belt (See Serpentine Belt) to drive multiple accessories. Cogged rubber timing belts are used on many overhead cam engines to drive the camshaft (See Overhead Cam).
After three or four years of flexing and countless cycles around the engine'spulleys, most Timing Belt Company need to be replaced. But due to the way in which many belts are constructed today, you can't determine a belt's true condition by a visual examination. Time and mileage must also be taken into consideration. That's why most experts now recommend replacing the belts as a preventive measure every three to four years regardless of how they look.

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