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A car will either have a serpentine belt(s) or v-belt(s). Cars that have a serpentine belt will have one or two belts. Most modern cars have only one Rubber V Belt, driving all the engine accessory components. If the car has v-belts, it will most likely have four belts.

How it's done:

Inspect the belts for cracks.

Remove and replace any damaged belts.

Inspect pulleys and bearings.

Our recommendation:

A mechanic should inspect the drive belts during oil changes. If you hear a squealing noise from the engine, it is likely that the drive belts need adjustment or replacement.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Serpentine/Drive Belt?

Squealing noise coming from engine if the V Belt Supply is loose or worn out.

Lack of steering if the belt is broken.

Battery Warning Light is on.

Engine overheats.

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