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"The match itself will probably have all the content which you may play on PC. So it really is the complete game, it is not RS gold a stripped down pocket version or anything like this. The biggest change is it's just a really high degree UX and UI in terms of the menu, simply to fit that size of display. But the goal is to get an almost absolute comparable version of everything you can do on PC." RuneScape's mobile launch follows in the footsteps of several of the greatest MMORPGs in Asia that have made comparable jumps from PC to mobile.

Netmarble's Lineage 2: Revolution managed to successful reimagine the hugely successful Lineage PC name into a cell blockbuster -- but maybe more applicable is NCSoft's own Lineage M, a direct port of a few of the most successful games in the region.It's worked well for NCSoft -- because its mobile release Lineage M has become the number one top grosser in South Korea.

Lineage 2: Revolution meanwhile spends all its time in 2nd spot since Lineage M's launch, although the former match had a spectacular beginning to existence producing $176 million in its first month.There's no guarantee of success for RuneScape from the West, but it reveals there may be desire out of fans past and current in a mobile launch, and it lowers the barrier for entry to new players.

"We certainly think there is a growing trend which we can see in the Eastern lands like China where traditional MMOs are being attracted in the PC on mobile," states McClarty, referencing NetEase's Fantasy Westward Journey, which has yet to really kick off at the West but has stormed the top grossing charts in China. "We think that RuneScape is one of the largest free-to-play games of its kind and we are the very first Western traditional PC MMORPG coming to mobile that can maybe decode that for the West."Lately there have been many reports of Venezuelans"Gold Farming" on a MMORPG called Runescape. Recent headlines clarify that in-game farmers are promoting treasures for bitcoin to make a living. The business model began trending in China where gamers get in-game currencies or items and after offer them for"real money". In 2009 it was estimated that over 1 million gold farmers were based from China, but in-game gold farming buy runescape mobile gold also occurs all over the globe. Because of the secrecy, it's difficult to get a precise figure on how much revenue gold farming brings , but it was estimated to be about USD $300 million in 2008.

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