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And those are only the largest changes: Runescape has also received around 650 other attribute updates in that moment, not to mention RuneScape gold countless patches and fixes that have been deployed. The fact that Jagex eliminated the Wilderness for three decades still feels like an insult into a past self - even though I was not playing at the time.

Returning after so much has changed is uncanny, since basically it's exactly the way I remembered it from 2006. Lumbridge is still there, with its pair of Mischievous Imps still wandering the castle grounds amidst a sea of gamers barking the exact same immortal question at each other:"Will u be my gf?" Ten years has done nothing to weather this beast.

Regardless of all the upgrades, slipping back to the same old regime of milling tools and sprinting to the closest bank to sell them is seamless.

My experience of Runescape in 2006 was mainly this: grind for hours, buy a few shiny new gear, smash keyboard upon realising my combat level wasn't high enough to equip it, grind combat degrees, equip gear, get murdered in the Wilderness, lose shiny new gear, replicate. Every month or two I would decide it was time to initiate a new account, motivated by a few expert build I'd seen or an inexplicable urge to live a simple life and become some sort of fabled hermit. Frankly, 12-year-old me thought that would be an enjoyable thing to do.

Logging into Runescape is like coming home to discover your parents have gotten a new dog without telling you, and they absolutely refuse to say what happened to a beloved Brassica Prime. At first you might sulk and long for your puppy that once was, but soon enough you begin to notice the pet is gorgeous compared to its haggard predecessor. It will all sorts of new tricks, it has charm and character, heaps of endgame content and doesn't need to be fed or walked as often.

Where Runescape used to involve offering up one's hands to hours, or days, of grinding for piecemeal progress, now it hands out flat increases with a regularity that's hard to stomach if you can remember sinking 20 hours of continuous play into acquiring just half of the XP you need to level up.

Out of blind habi buy RS goldt, I invest my initial hours mining ore, killing cows, burying bones, chopping wood and light fires. Happy with my advancement, I place an extra eight hours into fostering my abilities. At this time my overall impression is that Runescape has just gotten prettier and easier, which would not be enough to drag me back into its F2P clutches.

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